For Sale: 2000 Saab Viggen

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Sorry everyone - the car has been sold.


For Sale:  2000 Saab 9-3 Viggen 5 door, Lightning Blue, MD inspected

I bought this car in Feb 2004 at 48k miles and it has been my daily driver ever since.  It has 154k miles on it now and there is no reason why it won't double that if it continues to be cared for.  It has been maintained by myself, and a few local shops (API and Scandanavian Auto) when the job has been too much for me to handle.  Synthetic oil has been used with rare exception (the dealer has used semi-synthetic a few times.)  All recalls and TSBs performed.  The interior is very clean and performs like new.  Turbo works well and it makes good power.  230 HP in a 3100 lb car is pretty peppy.  I have always gotten a solid 27-28MPG.

Asking $5500.  NADA specifies $6350 for Clean Retail.  The car is located in Woodbine, MD.  If you are interested and want to make an appointment to look at it please contact Dave Newbern at 301-467-9603 or

Items to note:

  • Maryland Inspected
  • Mechanically sound
  • New brakes/rotors
  • Manual transmission
  • Wheels are ATS Planet 2 piece 18".
  • SID pixels are 100% working.
  • Clutch replaced at 98k miles.
  • Head gasket replaced at 98k miles (Common issue with the original gaskets.  produced oil leak.)
  • Viggen Rescue kit (steering rack brace)
  • Rear sway bar from
  • Koni sport springs and adjustable dampers.
  • AC compressor, o-rings and expansion valve replaced in 2008.  Works 100%
  • All front suspension bushings, bearings, ball joints replaced through out the years
  • J&R performance drop-in style air filter
  • Have complete service history and most replacement parts list available.
  • Garmin Nuvi GPS mounted and included. 
  • Parrott hands free bluetooth system installed.  Plays through stereo.  Supports A2DP and will play music from bluetooth device.
  • Garage door opener installed into unused OEM button in the dash.  Receiver included.

Blemishes or items that make the car not 100% (I'm picky.):

  • Front badge on the hood is peeling.
  • 2 very minor door dings on passenger's side.
  • Scratch in the paint on the passenger side c pilar.  (It was there when I bought the car.)  I cleaned the wound and painted with OEM touch-up paint.  It is visible if you look for it but you don't really notice it.
  • Current tires make an audible noise.   
  • Clear coat on wheel lips are cloudy in spots.  No curb rash.
  • Sunroof has always squeeked when opening.
  • Driver's seat shows some wear on bolster (but very good condition for age.)

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